Sedation for dental treatment in Grays 

Here at Patient First Dental Practice, we understand that recieving dental treatment can be a distressing time for some people. This is why we offer two types of sedation for time consuming and complex treatments. 
Dental Implants

Inhalation Sedation 

Sedation is a means of anxiety control and is a modern alternative to general anaesthetic for dental procedures. 
A mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen (gas and air), inhalation sedation will calm you down. The only possible side effects are feeling drowsy, but you will stay concious at all times. 
Inhalation sedation is often a good option for children, as it is very effective, a comfortable experience and there are no after effects. 
When given by dental experts, inhalation sedation is completely safe and the gas and air mixture quickly leaves the body once you take one or two breaths of ordinary air. 
The cost for inhalation sedation is £100, non refundable, plus the charge for your treatment. If you are exempt from NHS payments there will be no additional charge. Children will not pay further charges unless they have having private treatment. 

IV Sedation

Sedation may be offered to control anxiety and make treatment more pleasant for you. It offers an alternative to general anaesthesia for most dental procedures. Intravenous (or 'IV') sedation is given by injection, either in the back of your hand or in your arm. The dosage we give you will depend on the treatment you need and the time it will take to complete.
Our dental team will put you at ease by talking and explaining the process to you in full. Although you may feel a little drowsy, you will stay conscious at all times.
IV sedation is regarded as safe for people over the age of 12 when performed by expert dental professionals like ourselves. However, patients with complex medical problems or unstable medical conditions may not be suitable for treatment under IV sedation.
Please bear in mind you will need to be accompanied by someone responsible for at least 6-12 hours after.
IV Sedation costs from £150 per session plus the treatment charges. Please see Sedation and Implant Price list for more information.

“Just wanted to say Thank You!! Pain free at last! (I’ll try to be good next time)”

- Michelle G.
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